Final bow in Montreal - April 15 2014

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 Nathan Sykes at The Mortal Instruments premier (re - edit)
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Drunk face! Hahahah

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Interviewer: you said goodbye to Dublin, for the time being, recently, how did that go?

Siva: i went up on stage to speak, i couldn’t speak for like 2 minutes! the crowd was going mental, I’m thinking “I need to speak we need to get on with the show!" they were singing "ole ole ole ole ole!" I was like "aw this is really amazing" I actually got really upset, but it was a good send off.  ©

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When The Wanted were formed on tumblr 😋

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@skinnymansing: The tubes are safe thanks to spiderman… #530am #dubherewecome 

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Niva during Glad You Came in Glasgow

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